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Liquid Metal Polish 180ml

LS230Liquid Metal Polish 180ml

£2.00 to £10.80

Duzzit metal polish liquid claens and polishes silver, copper, brass, stainless steel, aluminium and…

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Triple Wax Car Polish (375ml)

LS192Triple Wax Car Polish (375ml)

£6.50 to £36.60

  CARPLAN TRIPLEWAX CAR POLISH (375ml) CarPlan Triplewax Car Polish is suitable for all pai…

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Grinding Paste Rough & Smooth (110g)

LS26Grinding Paste Rough & Smooth (110g)

£4.30 to £18.95

Grinding Paste Rough & Smooth (110g) Spcially formulated for grinding automotive valves Coar…

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Headlight Restoration Kit

LS187Headlight Restoration Kit

£11.90 to £70.80

  Headlight treatment polish + headlight sealing Opacity and yellowing drastically reduce the…

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Autosol Metal Polish 75ml

LS73Autosol Metal Polish 75ml

£5.10 to £51.00

Autosol Metal Polish 75ml. Removes corrosion, tarnish and discoluration from: Chrome Alum…

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T-Cut Original (tcut)

LS190T-Cut Original (tcut)

£10.95 to £56.40

T-Cut Original Colour Restorer is the original colour restorer with a unique formula that brings bac…

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