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Spiked impulse garden sprinkler

GAR17Spiked impulse garden sprinkler


Spiked impulse garden sprinkler with 360 degree coverage. Adjustable full or half circle pattern.…

300w Electric Grass Trimmer (strimmer)

GAR16300w Electric Grass Trimmer (strimmer)


300w Electric Grass Trimmer Sturdy universal motor Comfortable two-hand operation thanks to …

200 Black Releasable Cable Ties - Assorted Sizes

TR-MIX4200 Black Releasable Cable Ties - Assorted Sizes


Assorted bag of black releasable cable ties.  200 cable ties consisting of: 50 - 100 x 2.5…

Pack of Rigger Gloves (5 pair)

GLV4Pack of Rigger Gloves (5 pair)


Classic Canadian Style Rigger Glove Tough yet cost effective general purpose leather palm glove …

Non-Slip Elasticated Gloves

GLV9Non-Slip Elasticated Gloves


Non-Slip Elasticated Gloves (latex dipped) (washable) (size9) 5 Pairs

15m Compact Hose Reel

GAR415m Compact Hose Reel


Out of stock

15 m compact hose reel set Ready assembled complete with fittings Easy stack design Some asse…

Pressure Sprayer (5 ltr)

JUG13Pressure Sprayer (5 ltr)


Pressure Sprayer (5 ltr) Heavy Duty with Viton Seals and shoulder strap. Viton seals offer excell…

10 Litre Watering Can

JUG510 Litre Watering Can


10 Litre Plastic (watering can) Complete with rose.

30m - Pro Quality Garden Hose

TH5030m - Pro Quality Garden Hose


Heavy-duty PVC hose with polyester reinforcement. 12mm inner bore. 2mm minimum wall thickness. Ex…

Trigger Sprayer (750ml)

JUG6Trigger Sprayer (750ml)


  Trigger Sprayer (750ml) with Viton Seals (able to spray upside down) A round high density p…

Solvent Sprayer (1.5 ltr)

JUG7Solvent Sprayer (1.5 ltr)


Solvent Sprayer (1.5 ltr) Heavy Duty with Viton Seals Viton seals offer excellent compression set…

Garden Hose Pipe Sprayer

TH51Garden Hose Pipe Sprayer


Garden Hose Pipe Sprayer (includes fittings)

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