6v, 40Ah, Sealed, Lead, Acid, Battery

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6v 4.0Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery


Product Description


NP4.0-6, 6v 4.5Ah Battery. Often used to replace battery in rechargeable cycle lamps etc.
This NP4.0-6 battery is designed to power small portable devices such as torches, lamps, rechargeable radios and similar.
0.187 faston terminals on the top.
Equivalent to the following batteries: Rocket ES4-6, Enersys / Yuasa NP4-6, Power-Sonic PS640, Panasonic LC-R064R2P, Panasonic LCR6V4BP LCR6V4PL, Panasonic LC-R064R2CH LCPB064P, Panasonic LCR064PUL, Fulmen PE06004, B&B BP4.5-6 BP4-6, GS Portalac PE6-4, Ultracell CB4.5-6 UL4.5-6, Universal Battery UB645, RB640, Yuyaolitian Battery LTA640.
Dimensions (mm): L=70mm W=47mm H=105.5mm

Product Code: BAT23

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