Jugs & Funnels

Jugs & Funnels

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Plastic Fuel Can 5 Litre (petrol)

JUG9Plastic Fuel Can 5 Litre (petrol)


Sturdy plastic fuel can with flexible pouring spout. Tethered screw cap and carry handle. Complie…

Jugs 1 Litre

JUG1Jugs 1 Litre


  Jug 1 Litre  

Bucket (14.8 Ltr)

JUG4Bucket (14.8 Ltr)


Bucket (14.8 Ltr)

3 Piece Jug Set

JUG-MIX3 Piece Jug Set


  3 Piece Jug Set containing 1, 2 & 5 Litre Jugs  

Funnel 150mm

FUN3Funnel 150mm


Funnel 150mm

Jugs 2 Litre Flexi-spout

JUG2Jugs 2 Litre Flexi-spout


Jug 2 Litre Flexi-spout

Funnel 9(in) Flexi-spout

FUN1Funnel 9(in) Flexi-spout


  Funnel 9" Flexi-spout  

10 Litre Watering Can

JUG510 Litre Watering Can


10 Litre Plastic (watering can) Complete with rose.

Funnel Set

FUN5Funnel Set


Funnel Set - 4 Funnels 50, 70, 95 & 115mm (may vary slightly)

Funnel 162mm (Flexi spout)

FUN4Funnel 162mm (Flexi spout)


  Funnel 162mm (flexi spout)  

Funnel 12 inch

FUN2Funnel 12 inch


Funnel 12" Rectangular with Gauze Filter

Calibrated Measuring Jug (3ltr)

JUG12Calibrated Measuring Jug (3ltr)


3 Litre Transparent Calibrated Measuring Jug 50ml increments (240ml to 3000ml)

Pressure Sprayer (5 ltr)

JUG13Pressure Sprayer (5 ltr)


Adjustable nozzle allows you to control the intensity of the flow. Directional lance and lance fast…

Jugs 5 Litre

JUG3Jugs 5 Litre


Large Jug (5 Litre)

Solvent Sprayer (1.5 ltr)

JUG7Solvent Sprayer (1.5 ltr)


Solvent Sprayer (1.5 ltr) Heavy Duty with Viton Seals Viton seals offer excellent compression set…

Trigger Sprayer (750ml)

JUG6Trigger Sprayer (750ml)


  Trigger Sprayer (750ml) with Viton Seals. A round high density polyethylene spray bottle in…

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