Solvents & Soaps

Solvents & Soaps

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White Spirit (750ml)

JAN32White Spirit (750ml)


Can be used as an organic solvent in painting & decorating for thinning certain paints & cleaning br…

Toilet Cleaner

JAN18Toilet Cleaner


Toilet Cleaner/Descaler (acid, not bleach) COSHH data 

Methylated Spirit 250ml

JAN36Methylated Spirit 250ml


Methylated Spirits contains only virgin raw materials , and is not manufactured from inferior recove…

Washing Up Liquid (1ltr)

JAN8Washing Up Liquid (1ltr)


Lemon scented washing up liquid (1 ltr) COSHH Datasheet  

Pocket Sized - Hand Sanitiser Gel (50ml)

JAN50Pocket Sized - Hand Sanitiser Gel (50ml)


Out of stock

Free of charge. Maximum 10 per order, and must be ordered with other products.   50ml - Al…

Hand Cleaner Citrus

JAN28Hand Cleaner Citrus


Citrus Supergel (+ dispenser) 5ltr Lemon beaded hand cleaner. Mild hand cleaner based on lemon…

Hand Sanitiser Gel (500ml Pump Bottle)

JAN50AHand Sanitiser Gel (500ml Pump Bottle)


Please see our bulk offer JAN50A-BULK 75% Alcohol-based clear hand sanitising gel. Sanitises…

Anti Bacterial Surface Sanitiser (400ml)

LS108Anti Bacterial Surface Sanitiser (400ml)


Out of stock

Was £2.50 Prices will revert back to the catalogue price when stocks have been reduced. Fir…

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Hand Cleaner (5 ltr)

JAN5Hand Cleaner (5 ltr)


Hand Cleaner, Super Red with Beads (5 ltr) COSHH data

Anti Bacterial Hand Soap

JAN6Anti Bacterial Hand Soap


Anti Bacterial Hand Sanitiser Soap (500ml) For everyday use Certex Anti-Bacterial handwash is wor…

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