Adhesives and Glues


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Instant Nails 310ml

LS75Instant Nails 310ml


Instant Nails 310ml COSHH data

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Superglue (20g)

LS1Superglue (20g)


Superglue (20g) Bonds Metals, Plastics, Wood, Ceramics, Leather, Rubber, Card , Glass and many …

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Epoxy Resin Double Syringe

LS5Epoxy Resin Double Syringe


Epoxy Resin Double Syringe (25ml) General purpose Epoxy Resin Twin Mix Syringe Cures i…

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Lock & Seal (50g)

LS2Lock & Seal (50g)


Lock & Seal (50g) (similar to loctite & nutlock) Medium strength threadlocker with all the perf…

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Spray Adhesive Heavy Duty Aerosol/Spray (400ml)

LS32Spray Adhesive Heavy Duty Aerosol/Spray (400ml)


Spray Adhesive Heavy Duty (400ml) • Heavy duty • High strength bond • Will bond most ma…

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Stud & Bearing (50g)

LS3Stud & Bearing (50g)


Stud & Bearing (50g) (similar to loctite & nutlock) Ideal for securing all cylidrical and close…

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Sleeve & Bush (50g)

LS4Sleeve & Bush (50g)


product Description: Sleeve & Bush (50g) (similar to loctite & nutlock) High strength anaerobic …

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Brake & Airline Sealant (50ml)

LS10Brake & Airline Sealant (50ml)


Brake & Airline Sealant (50ml) Slow cure thread selant for adjusting pipe alignment & other slo…

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Epoxy Putty Stick

LS86Epoxy Putty Stick


Epoxy Putty Stick (for metals) 50g Setting time = 10 minutes, Ideal for steel, aluminium, stipped…

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Rear View Mirror Bonder

LS87Rear View Mirror Bonder


Rear View Mirror Bonder A super high strength adhesive, specifically formulated for bonding or re…

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Windscreen Repair Kit

LS88Windscreen Repair Kit


Windscreen Repair Kit. Xtreme Windscreen Chip Repair produces a top quality and professional repa…

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Clear Gorilla Tape (8.2m)

LS208Clear Gorilla Tape (8.2m)


Sticks to smooth, rough and uneven surfaces. Fix, patch, seal, hold and protect almost any surfac…

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