Tubing & Hoses

Tubing & Hoses

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PCL Slow Retract Hose Reel 20m HRA2V01

AL118PCL Slow Retract Hose Reel 20m HRA2V01


This user-friendly slow retract hose reel is designed with increased safety in mind. PCL'…

Heater Hose 1/2 id (10m)

TH1Heater Hose 1/2 id (10m)


Heater Hose 1/2" (13mm) Inner diameter       (10m) 6 bar …

Heater Hose 5/8 id (10m)

TH2Heater Hose 5/8 id (10m)


Heater Hose 5/8" (16mm) Inner Diametre       (10m) 6 bar

Heater Hose 3/4 id (10m)

TH3Heater Hose 3/4 id (10m)


Heater Hose 3/4" (19mm) Inner Diametre      (10m) 6 bar

Windscreen Tube 1/8 id (30m)

TH4Windscreen Tube 1/8 id (30m)


Windscreen Tube 1/8 id   (30m)

Windscreen Tube 3/16 id (30m)

TH5Windscreen Tube 3/16 id (30m)


Windscreen Tube 3/16 id  (30m)

Rubber/Nitrile Petrol Pipe 6mm (10m) (Fuel Pipe)

TH13Rubber/Nitrile Petrol Pipe 6mm (10m) (Fuel Pipe)


Rubber/Nitrile Petrol Pipe 6mm inner diameter (10m) (Fuel Pipe) Outer Diametre 13mm 10 bar Suit…

Rubber/Nitrile Petrol Pipe 8mm (10m) (Fuel Pipe)

TH14Rubber/Nitrile Petrol Pipe 8mm (10m) (Fuel Pipe)


Rubber/Nitrile Petrol Pipe 8mm inner diameter (10m) (Fuel Pipe) Outer Diametre 15mm 10 bar Suit…

Windscreen Tube 5/16(in) (8mm) id (30m)

TH54Windscreen Tube 5/16(in) (8mm) id (30m)


Windscreen Tube 5/16" (8mm) id  (30m)

Windscreen Tube 1/4(in) (6mm) id (30m)

TH53Windscreen Tube 1/4(in) (6mm) id (30m)


Windscreen Tube 1/4" (6mm) id  (30m)

Advance/retard Rubber Tube 1/8 (10m)

TH15Advance/retard Rubber Tube 1/8 (10m)


Advance/Retard Rubber Tube 1/8  (10m)

PVC Clear Braided Tubing 3/16 (30m)

TH16PVC Clear Braided Tubing 3/16 (30m)


PVC Clear Braided Tubing 3/16 (30m) Technical Spec

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