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Service Lube, Aerosol/Spray (400ml)

LS182Service Lube, Aerosol/Spray (400ml)

£3.60 to £35.40

Service Lube, Aerosol/Spray (400ml) With Long Straw Attached to Can.  • Easy to appl…

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Graphited Penetrating Oil Aerosol/Spray (400ml)

LS164Graphited Penetrating Oil Aerosol/Spray (400ml)

£3.20 to £31.80

Graphited Penetrating Oil Aerosol/Spray (400ml) With Short Straw Attached to Nozzle.  •…

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Dry Film Lube Aerosol/Spray (400ml)

LS95Dry Film Lube Aerosol/Spray (400ml)

£3.75 to £37.20

Dry Film Lube Aerosol/Spray (400ml) With Spray Nozzle.   Contains PTFE for use in Hi-tec app…

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Copper Grease Aerosol/Spray (400ml)

LS43Copper Grease Aerosol/Spray (400ml)

£3.25 to £32.40

Copper grease spray (400ml) With Short Straw Attached to Nozzle.  • Eliminates seizur…

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White Grease Spray Aerosol/Spray (400ml)

LS31White Grease Spray Aerosol/Spray (400ml)

£3.65 to £36.60

White Grease Spray with PTFE(400ml) With Short Straw Attached to Nozzle.  • Resistant…

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Clear Grease Spray Aerosol/Spray (400ml)

LS54Clear Grease Spray Aerosol/Spray (400ml)

£3.45 to £34.80

Clear Grease Spray (400ml) With Short Straw Attached to Nozzle.  • Resistant to water…

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GT85 Maintenance Spray

LS210GT85 Maintenance Spray

£3.90 to £39.00

GT85® is a tried and tested multi-purpose lubricant, with multiple uses to help complete tasks ar…

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Maintenance Spray, Penetrating Oil Aerosol/Spray with PTFE

LS12Maintenance Spray, Penetrating Oil Aerosol/Spray with PTFE

£3.15 to £31.20

Maintenance Fluid/Mainteneance Spray/Penetrating Oil - (400ml) with PTFE (as standard) Does no…

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WD40 - 450ml Aerosol/Spray

LS82WD40 - 450ml Aerosol/Spray

£5.95 to £59.40

WD-40® Smart Straw is the same reliable Multi-Use Product, specially designed for precision…

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