400ml Anti Bacterial Surface Cleaner

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Anti Bacterial Surface Sanitiser (400ml)

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Microbiocidal Spray

Anti-Bacterial Surface Sanitiser is an extremely effective disinfecting spray designed to kill germs and harmful bacteria, thus reducing the risk of cross infection.
It acts swiftly on toilet seats, handles, air ducts, laundry chutes, doorknobs, shower cubicles, linen trolleys, walking frames and telephone equipment or wherever multi-user equipment may cause a problem.
It can be used be used with confidence in offices, nursing homes, sick rooms, toilet blocks, sports centres and any public meeting areas.
It is highly effective against legionella, pneumophila, athlete’s foot, verrucae, etc. (not to be used on skin)
It is effective against both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.

Physical and Chemical Properties

Appearance – Aerosol
Odour – Characteristic
Flash Point - < -40°C
Auto Ignition Temperature 410 – 580°C
Flammability Limit –     Lower 1.8%    Upper 9.5%
Information given concerns the major ingredients


Shake can well.
Spray can in short bursts for maximum efficiency.
For delicate equipment, spray onto cloth and wipe thoroughly.

COSHH data


See also alcohol-based hand sanitiser

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