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Emergency Tyre Repair (500ml)

ALT34 Emergency Tyre Repair (500ml)


  Emergency Tyre Puncture Repair (500ml). Repairs and inflates tyres instantly without dismantling the wheel.  For every kind of tyre-with or without tube. It penetrates deeply into the tyre forming a special film which ensures an effective repair. 500ml will inflate almost all tyre …

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Headlight Restoration Kit

LS187 Headlight Restoration Kit


  Headlight treatment polish + headlight sealing Opacity and yellowing drastically reduce the luminosity of headlights! Restricted vision and perceptibility become a risk to all motorists. The QUIXX Headlight Restoration Kit provides a quick, permanent and reasonable remedy.  …

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T-Cut Original (tcut)

LS190 T-Cut Original (tcut)


T-Cut Original Colour Restorer is the original colour restorer with a unique formula that brings back the colour and lustre of your cars paintwork in minutes. It quickly removes oxidisation, ingrained road grime, tar spots and scratches from car paint, leaving your car prepped and ready to be cleane…

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De-ionised Water (2.5l)

LS191 De-ionised Water (2.5l)


    2.5 litre bottle of de-ionised water, suitable for use in lead-acid batteries.   Deionized water is used in microelectronics, printed circuit boards, instrument manufacture, pharmacy, washing liquids, etc. It can also be used in engine cooling systems to reduce scal…

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Triple Wax Car Polish (375ml)

LS192 Triple Wax Car Polish (375ml)


  CARPLAN TRIPLEWAX CAR POLISH (375ml) CarPlan Triplewax Car Polish is suitable for all paint finishes including metallic and pearlescents. It combines three of the world's finest wax extracts to provide the original triplewax protection and an unsurpassed shine that protects all…

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Schutz Underseal

LS193 Schutz Underseal


  Tetra Schutz Under Seal. A fine textured, fast drying bitumen based product. Tetraschutz provides excellent rust protection and sound deadening qualities. Suitable for all lower body panels requiring enhanced protection. Tetraschutz is not suitable for over coating.  …

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Car Body Filler Spreader

LS194 Car Body Filler Spreader


  Reusable - Bend spreader and  materials will pop off Leaves a smoother finish which means less time sanding. For use with BodyFillers, Resins, Putties, Pastes etc 70x106mm. Black   Pack of 10

WaxOil Rustproofing

LS195 WaxOil Rustproofing


  High performance rust preventative waxoil A superb blend of oils, waxes, corrosion inhibitors and dewatering agents that in turn combine to form a heavy duty rust preventative. It provides an all-round internal rust protection, displaces water from metal surfaces and vehicle cre…

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Grinding Paste Rough & Smooth (110g)

LS26 Grinding Paste Rough & Smooth (110g)


Grinding Paste Rough & Smooth (110g) Spcially formulated for grinding automotive valves Coarse and  fine at either end. COSHH data

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Autosol Metal Polish 75ml

LS73 Autosol Metal Polish 75ml


Autosol Metal Polish 75ml. Removes corrosion, tarnish and discoluration from: Chrome Aluminium Stainless Steel Brass Copper.   For use on Cars, Motorcycles, Boat and Household items. COSHH data      

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Car Body Filler (600ml)

LS76 Car Body Filler (600ml)


Car Body Filler (600ml) Professional Polyester Body Filler offers easy application and excellent sanding properties even after leaving overnight. Body Filler is light weight & sands to a smooth finish. Body Filler is a two component putty for application on large surfaces and…

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Car Body Filler with glass fibre (600ml)

LS77 Car Body Filler with glass fibre (600ml)


Car Body Filler, with glass fibre (600ml) Polyester hard filler/ bridging compund with added galss fibre Easy applictaion Strong bonding qualities Can be used on wood, metal, concrete, window frames, car body panels etc.   COSHH data

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