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Rain-X® Original Glass Treatment

LS217Rain-X® Original Glass Treatment


Rain-X® Original Glass Treatment is a liquid, silicone based product designed for exterior protecti…

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Granville Zerocol Red Antifreeze (1ltr)

LS216Granville Zerocol Red Antifreeze (1ltr)


Granville Zerocol Red Antifreeze is an ethylene glycol based engine coolant concentrate, which uses …

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Radiator Sealant (135ml)

LS18 - DISCONTINUEDRadiator Sealant (135ml)


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Radiator Sealant (135ml) - 5 bottles Inhibits rust and corrosion Lubricates water pump Fo…

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Card of Ce-Lit Radiator Cement (24)

LS20Card of Ce-Lit Radiator Cement (24)


Card of Ce-Lit Radiator Cement (24 sachets) Cures leaky radiators, cylinder blocks and water pu…

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Power Steering Fluid - RED (1 litre)

LS78Power Steering Fluid - RED (1 litre)


Power Steering Fluid - RED (1 litre) Designed for most power steering systems Compatible wit…

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Power Steering Fluid - GREEN (1 litre)

LS79Power Steering Fluid - GREEN (1 litre)


Power Steering Fluid - GREEN (1 litre) eg VW/Audi Suitable for Audi & VW requiring G002.000 …

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Brake & Clutch Fluid (dot4) 1 litre

LS80Brake & Clutch Fluid (dot4) 1 litre


Brake & Clutch Fluid (dot4) 1 litre Dot 4, High performance Brake & Clutch fluid Synthetic F…

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Screenwash Sachets

JAN17Screenwash Sachets


Screen Wash 72 x 75ml concentrated sachets, packed in a plastic tub.

Radiator Sealant (Stop Leak) 350ml

LS150Radiator Sealant (Stop Leak) 350ml


Radiator Sealant (Stop Leak) - 350ml Stops and prevents leaks Added corrosion inhibitors …

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Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner 325ml

LS152Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner 325ml


DPF Cleaner - 325ml Reduces Particulate Emisions. Removes blocking Extends life of partic…

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Petrol Injector Cleaner 325ml

LS153Petrol Injector Cleaner 325ml


Petrol Injector Cleaner - 325ml Opens Clogged Injectors Restores Lost Power Increases Fuel Ec…

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Radiator Flush 350ml

LS151Radiator Flush 350ml


Radiator Flush - 350ml - Cleans and unblocks cooling systems.   Removes rust and sludge. Clean…

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