Automotive Additives

Automotive Additives

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Screenwash Sachets

JAN17A Screenwash Sachets


Screen Wash 72 x 75ml concentrated sachets, packed in a plastic tub.

Screenwash 5ltr

JAN20 Screenwash 5ltr


5 ltr Screen Wash. A special blend of wetting agents and alcohol that is used for rapid removal of grime from winsdcreens. It will also help clear frost and ice during winter months.   Can be added directly to the winscreen wash bottle at a dilution rate of : Normal motoring…

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Radiator Sealant (Stop Leak) 350ml

LS150 Radiator Sealant (Stop Leak) 350ml


Radiator Sealant (Stop Leak) - 350ml Stops and prevents leaks Added corrosion inhibitors Protects cooling systems Helps prevent clogging Compatible with anti-freeze COSHH data

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Radiator Flush 350ml

LS151 Radiator Flush 350ml


Radiator Flush - 350ml - Cleans and unblocks cooling systems.   Removes rust and sludge. Cleans water channels. Safe with rubber hoses Safe with all metals. COSHH data

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Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner 325ml

LS152 Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner 325ml


DPF Cleaner - 325ml Reduces Particulate Emisions. Removes blocking Extends life of particulate filter. Lowers ignition temerature of soot. Prevemts performace loss. No dismantling of filter required. Pour contents in to tank, fill up and drive as normal   Coshh data…

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Petrol Injector Cleaner 325ml

LS153 Petrol Injector Cleaner 325ml


Petrol Injector Cleaner - 325ml Opens Clogged Injectors Restores Lost Power Increases Fuel Economy Smooths Rough Idle   Coshh data  

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Diesel Treatment 325ml

LS154 Diesel Treatment 325ml


Diesel Treatment and Injector Cleaner - 325ml Removes blocking deposits with one tratment Opens clogged injectors Restores lost power Improves fuel economy Idle speed consistancy COSHH data

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Engine Flush 350ml

LS155 Engine Flush 350ml


Engine Flush - 350ml, Concentrated formulation for Petrol and Diesel engines. Neutralises acid residue removes harmful deposits Improves oil circulation Cleans engines in 5 minutes Cleans sticky valves, lifters and piston rings. COSHH data

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Engine Oil Stop Leak - 350ml

LS156 Engine Oil Stop Leak - 350ml


Engine Oil Stop Leak - 350ml Replenishes Rubber Seals. Reduces oil consumption. Contains seal conditioners. Stops external oil leaks.   If this product fails to correct the problem, the leak may be related to non rubber seals. In these cases we recommend that professional advice be …

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Lead Replacement - 325ml

LS157 Lead Replacement - 325ml


Lead Replacement , For unleaded petrol- 325ml (for older vehicles) Protects valve seat wear Removes moisture from fuel. Treats up to 50 ltrs of fuel. COSHH data

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Radiator Sealant (135ml)

LS18 Radiator Sealant (135ml)


Radiator Sealant (135ml) - 5 bottles Inhibits rust and corrosion Lubricates water pump For the treatment of internal and external coolant leaks Compatible with Anti Freeze. For systems up to 12 litres.   Not recommended for Rover 825/837 COSHH data

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Radiator Pellet (50g)

LS19 Radiator Pellet (50g)


Radiator Pellet (50g) Prevents Water Loss. For systems up to 20 litres.     Not recommended for Rover 825/837 COSHH data  

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