Alcohol Breath Tester

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Alcohol Breath Tester


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LCD screen display - Alcohol Breath Tester

Quick response and resume capacity
Auto power off for saving battery
Key Chain
5 x Mouth Pieces
2 x AAA Batteries

Press the "POWER" button once, the sceen will display a 10 or 15 seconds count down indicating the tester has entered into "warm up" mode.
When the "blow" symbol displayed , blow into breath tester for 3-5 seconds, then read the results from the LCD.
The "Caution" symbol will be displayed if the alcohol concentration is between 0.02%-0.05% BAC.
The "Danger" symbol will be displayed if the alcohol concentration is over 0.05% BAC

Alcohol test range:0-0.19%BAC
Accuracy: 0.01%BAC
Warm up time: 10-15s
Response time: less than 5s


Beal UK Ltd does not condone drinking and driving.
Beal UK Ltd makes no warranties, expressed or implied, as to the ability of this device to determine whether a person is intoxicated, and we expressly disclaim any liability for incidental, special, or consequential damages of any nature.
Decisions and/or actions based upon the reading of this device shall be at such person’s own risk.
Beal UK Ltd assumes no responsibility for consequences of subjects who test negative when using this device and later show that they are under the influence of alcohol or their judgment has been impaired by alcohol.
This device should only be used as a screening device and may only give an indication of the possible presence of alcohol in the blood of the test subject.
Correlation between breath alcohol content and blood alcohol concentration depends on many variables, including temperature and health conditions.
A safe or low BAC reading on a breath alcohol screener does not mean that the driver’s reaction times can respond to any emergency encountered.
The exact concentration of alcohol in the blood of the test subject cannot be exactly determined by using a breath alcohol screening device.

Product Code: COV14




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