Engine Oils

Engine Oils

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Granville Hypalube C3 5W/30

OIL1Granville Hypalube C3 5W/30

£3.95 £2.95

Granville Hypalube C3 fully synthetic engine oil has been specially formulated to meet the requirements of a Low SAPS (Sulphated Ash, Phosphorus and S…

Granville Hypalube FS 5W/30 (Ford)

OIL2Granville Hypalube FS 5W/30 (Ford)

£3.90 £2.95

Granville Hypalube 5W/30 is a fully synthetic engine oil designed to provide maximum protection for modern engines requiring a low viscosity oil. I…

Granville Hypalube VL 5W/30 (VW)

OIL3Granville Hypalube VL 5W/30 (VW)

£4.95 £3.95

Fully synthetic engine oil suitable for use in VAG petrol and diesel engines requiring a 5W/30 viscosity long-life lubricant. Meets the requirement…

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